Harvard University School of Medicine Fellowship Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Cambridge, MA

Brown Medical School Residency General Psychiatry Butler Hospital, Providence, RI

Drexel university College of Medicine Doctor of Medicine Philadelphia PA

University of Virginia Bachelor of Arts Charlottesville, VA


What To Expect

I take three hours to evaluate a child or adolescent. I complete in three separate appointments.  Typically, it is done in two days, but sometimes it can be done on three separate days or on one day.

During the first hour I meet parents without their son or daughter present.  This allows the adults to speak openly and frankly about their concerns and goals.  I will take a thorough history that includes gathering information on the presenting problem, goals, as well as the developmental, biological, psychological, social, and family factors that are relevant to their concerns.  I will also discuss parenting style and the manner in which the problems are coped with.

During the second hour I will meet with child or teen to understand how they view and experience their difficulties. I aim to establish a friendly rapport and an experience that promises my dedication to helping them to feel good.  I make a point to make sure that kids understand that they are not “broken” or “damaged,” but instead normal, healthy people that happen to be undergoing a difficult time in their lives.  I want to help kids to not just understand why they struggle, but also to point their attention to the strengths that they are overlooking.  


During the third hour I will meet with the parents with and without their child or adolescent present.  I will report the important findings that I collected that I give a coherent and understandable diagnostic formulation.  I will talk about the biological, social, psychological, and familial factors that contribute to the problem.  I will then give my comprehensive recommendations that include psychopharmacological treatments, which I will explain in detail and address all questions.  In addition, I will make recommendations on parenting that I believe are essential to help parents better help their kids.  I will provide the child or adolescent with an age-appropriate explanation that is designed to help them to not see themselves as a diagnosis and be optimistic about their future.